New website. Blog.

This is my new website, please let me know what you think, although to be truthful it doesn’t really matter because this is how it’s going to stay for awhile. I was already broke before I had it “remodeled” and now I am sub-broke. I’m just telling myself that I am eating less because it is healthier. Please give some input nonetheless.

If you have read this far then you are aware that I have a blog. I know blogging has been around for a technological eternity, but it is new to me. I don’t need to hear any jokes about a pager, vcr, or dial up connection.

For the most part I am going to just type out some crap in my brain that I think is funny and/or interesting. I’m not going to check the grammar, spelling, or sentence structure, so please don’t waste your time letting me know that I misspelled Wensday.

I will be posting new videos and projects as they come along so please check them out.

Thanks for stopping in, now if you would kindly look around a bit and then see yourself out, I’ve got to get back to being disgruntled.

  • Bill says:

    Looking good!

  • Nikki says:

    Website looks great! You look great, for such an old man. Let us know when you are in the North (PBC).

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