What’s What Podcast.

I have a podcast! And only about five years after they became popular. What a visionary! The What’s What Podcast will be every Monday and Wednesday featuring Al Jackson and myself. Please check us out on Itunes or at If you go to Itunes please subscribe to the podcast, and take a minute to […]

What’s What Podcast – Episode 101

The What’s What Podcast is here. Our first podcast is up. Listen below and subscribe on Itunes.

Ultimate Miami Comedian.

Here is the video for the Ultimate Miami Comedian contest complete with controversy and douchebaggery. It’s a well put together video and spoiler alert, I win it all in the end. Good experience. I still have the giant check if anyone wants it. i will sell it for $50 which is a good deal because […]


I finally made it to LA. I have been here three days and I nothing has happened yet so I may be heading home soon. I was expecting to be successful by now. Oh well, maybe next time.