Curiously Funny.

Here is a link to a piece written by my good buddy J.J. Colagrande in the Miami New Times. Please give it a gander. The Curiously Funny Forrest Shaw. Please check out J.J. Colagrande’s novel Headz too.

Death approaches.

Turned 39 recently. I just realized that I am now as old as the people that I think look old to me. I’m judging other people when I should be judging myself. “Look at that older guy, gray in his beard, shirt tucked into some khakis with a pair of polished dress shoes, giving that […]

New website. Blog.

This is my new website, please let me know what you think, although to be truthful it doesn’t really matter because this is how it’s going to stay for awhile. I was already broke before I had it “remodeled” and now I am sub-broke. I’m just telling myself that I am eating less because it […]